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COVID-19 Motivates Industry to Be More Dynamic. DesktopIP Can Assist Businesses.

As revealed by Digital Competitiveness Index 2021 Reports, Indonesia’s digital index tends to be left behind (on average) compared to other developed countries. Although the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is leading, Indonesia still found digital inequality. It showed a gap in the digital adoption between the top tier region, like mainly the Java Provinces, and other provinces – typically, middle and eastern provinces.

Thinking optimistically, following such measures would, in fact, let employers as well as employees aware of the advantages and disadvantages of flexible work environments. Also, such practices save natural resources such as gas, petrol, diesel, and thus prevent traffic and pollution. As the result, the Meteorological, Climatological, and Geophysical Department (BMKG) show a drastic drop-off in their pollution rates related to COVID-19 shutdown is one such prime example.

Schools and colleges around the world have also switched from classroom-based to online-based to abide by physical-distancing recommendations in preventing the wide-spread of this pandemic. In developed countries like Indonesia, all the provincial and private universities have canceled the classes and are making use of virtual mediums. In addition, this pandemic is a reality check and a great exercise to reassess the quality and capabilities of every organization to probe their preparedness for the digital shifting.


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