DesktopIP was created to develop and market a new Virtual Computer service called Virtual Computer as a Service ("VCaaS").

Our proprietary VCaaS platform provide the same type of virtualization and Thin-client functions which currently require a combination of costly licenses from Citrix, VMware and Microsoft but for a fraction of the annual cost.


DesktopIP Virtual Computer as a Service (“VCaaS”) allows a user to access their personal desktop from ANY DEVICE, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE.

Unlike other "cloud" based services which require user to access multiple insecure websites to perform different computing tasks, DesktopIP VCaaS puts all applications and services on a secure and private virtual desktop.


DesktopIP VCaaS is ideal for organizations that are required to maintain the privacy of their data. Security and Privacy are built in to the service.

All user data files are stored securely in 3 geographically diverse locations. Access privacy is assured even from unsecure locations. No data is stored on local device, meaning the loss or damage of devices does not result in a data loss.


DesktopIP virtual computer service offers the exact same functions as traditional client/server systems at a much lower cost. These traditional client/server systems can cost up to $6,000 per year to support each user.

Only larger organizations, with their own data centers supported by large information technology departments could obtain the benefits of virtualized services for their users through capital investment in data centers and by paying high licensing fees.

The DesktopIP VCaaS will benefit startups or small & medium organizations that have less than 250 computer users by delivering significant cost savings, ease of setup, high level of security & privacy, and no upfront investment

DesktopIP will simplify and deliver a complete virtual desktop from our 3 private secure data centers that allow user to have customized configuration that are fully controlled by customer along with dedicated 3rd party support.


Our VCaaS Platform runs from any Browser with HTML 5 support.


Any Windows Applications can run like normal on any device.


DesktopIP "virtual PC " offers a combination of applications, features, bulletproof privacy, security and management control. The cost of all these elements is substantially lower than other available alternatives. Our customers will benefit from our lower in cost and higher quality. Our reliable and easy-to-manage service can be installed within any enterprise environment quickly and with minimal difficulty that makes it easy to deploy highly scalable and low-cost solutions to provision remote access with ease.


  • ACCESS – A user can log into their desktop from any Windows, Apple or LINUX machine (or from any pad or internet connected smart phone).
  • TIME SAVING – New desktop can be implemented instantly. User simply moves their data files into their new virtual server. VCaaS can be implemented easily without disrupting business activities.
  • LOWER COST – No capital investment. No need for expensive upgrades. VCaaS is provided on a subscription basis and it saves yearly IT operating cost
  • SECURITY & PRIVACY – The VCaaS service has built in privacy and security with high level encryption. All user data is strongly encrypted to protect privacy and security.
  • FULLY MANAGED – eliminates software installation headaches and software compatibility problems.
  • USABILITY - A user can select a wide variety applications and service that they want to have on their Virtual Computer and only pay for what they use.
  • DATA STORAGE – all data files are stored in 3 geographically diverse locations.
  • GREEN – DesktopIP service will use far less physical equipment, power, and cooling resources.
  • CONVENIENCE – any standard desktop/laptop or modem tablet can be used to access the Virtual Computer service, even a device considered “old” in current terms. Any old equipment can be used for access.
  • PORTABILITY - high availability and accessibility from any web browser and any internet linked device.
  • DISASTER RECOVERY – a Virtual Computer is not site dependent. If a subscribers’ office is inaccessible, damaged or destroyed, they can be back to business within minutes.
  • TELECOMMUTING – staff can be authorized to work from home with no additional IT costs.
  • MONITOR & CONTROL – organizations will be able to manage their worldwide computing activities easily.
  • RAPID EXPANSION – Additional “desktops” can be added instantly to support new employees wherever they are located.


DesktopIP is a privately held company with offices in USA and Indonesia. We are the first company to offer a truly secure "full service" virtual desktop solution.

Chief Executive Officer

Phidi Soepangkat

Our CEO is the Founder of DesktopIP. Under Phidi’s leadership, DesktopIP launched the world first Secure “Full Service” Virtual Desktop Solution. Bringing with him over 15 years of executive-level software development and large application deployment, Phidi is responsible for the strategic direction of the company.

Chief Technology Officer

Okho Bayu Wantoro

Our CTO is an accomplished engineer and the inventor as well as leading the DesktopIP Reseach and Development. At DesktopIP, Okho is responsible for the overall of DesktopIP Product Development and Technology Enablement.

Chief Information Security Officer

Vicky Indra

Our CISO has a track record of delivering high level security for large scale and complex virtualization. With over 15 years of experience in Information Security, Vicky is also a savvy software developer.

Senior Software Designer

M. Bahesti (Besti)

Our Lead Software Designer was born to be a creative technologist and an expert on designing and delivering a complex virtualization software system. Bringing with him over 16 years of experience in computer programming, and in the design and architecture of software products, Besty leads the research and implementation of advance technologies.

Advanced Technology

Samuel Paik

Sam, our Senior Advanced Technology Officer has years of experience in Architecting systems and products from ground up, design and development of scalable and secure multi-tenant web platforms, applications and services for cloud and mobile computing.

Chief Marketing Communications Officer

Saadiq Wolford

Our CMCO, Saadiq, is responsible for DesktopIP’s marketing strategy through various new and traditional media, product offerings and user experience functions as well as fostering online marketing campaigns, Affiliation Program and digital branding. Along with other responsibilities, his work also includes providing input into the company's communication initiatives.